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Tailor-made trip to Mozambique

Tailor-made stay in Mozambique

Mozambique is an African country to which one must be determined to travel. Africa is known for its wildlife, its tribes, its dances, its music, its food and its rich natural heritage. This country has 44% of coastal lowlands which constitute beautiful beaches and marine tourist attractions. the fertile soil of this region gives it vegetation, a rich flora and fauna. The most striking features of this region are its population, which is 99,66% made up of tribal groups, including Shangaan, Chokwe, Sena, Makua and Manyika. 

The markets are worth a visit and are usually packed with clothes, Dried fruit, nuts,spices and a wide variety ofhandicrafts.

Mozambique population

The people of Mozambique are ethnically diverse, but the ethnic categories are fluid and reflect the country's colonial history. All the inhabitants of the country were designated as Portuguese in 1961, and some ethnic classifications such as Makua-Lomwe were created by Portuguese colonial officials themselves. In the country, besides the Makua-Lomwe, live the Tsonga, the Sena, the Ndau (see Shona), the Chopi, the Chewa, the Yao, the Makonde and the Ngoni.

Mozambique's cultural life

Mozambique has great cultural and linguistic diversity, sharing cultural traditions with its neighbors in Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe andSouth Africa. Among the variety of languages, social relationships, artistic traditions, dress and ornamentation patterns, there is a common theme of dynamic and creative cultural expression in song, oral poetry, dance and performance. The carved wooden sculpture and mapiko initiation masks of the Makonde people of northern Mozambique and Tanzania are among the best-known artistic traditions.

Continent: Africa Capital city : Maputo Currency: Metical (MZN) Population: 27 inhabitants

Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort

Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort

Located on the island of Bazaruto off the coast of Mozambique, hotel with 43 villas in all-inclusive formula. Accessible by boat (included) or helicopter from Vilanculos,

Duration : 08 days / 07 nights From : 5 295 € / person

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