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USA - Hawaii

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Custom travel and road trip in the USA - Hawaii

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is one of the top destinations in the United States. It is the perfect place for an unforgettable tailor-made trip, whether for lovers in search of romance or to spend good times with family or friends. With My Luxury Travel, plan your luxury stay on the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago.

Combined San Francisco and Hawaii

My Luxury Travel offers you a tailor-made tour from San Francisco to Hawaii. Explore the sloping streets of San Francisco, which attracts millions of tourists every year. This city is home to many must-see places. Among them :

  • Union Square
  • Chinatown
  • Castro district
  • poplar square

Once your stay in San Francisco is over, we offer a departure to the island of Hawaii. During your luxury trip on this extraordinary archipelago, discover the places and activities not to be missed.

Honolulu, the capital

Well known by wave enthusiasts, Hawaii has some very impressive surf spots. Honolulu welcomes you to its legendary beaches where the best surfers in the world meet. During your vacation, take advantage of several activities such as:

  • Visit historic sites
  • Make diving
  • Relax on heavenly beaches
  • Surf the most beautiful waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Honolulu is also a paradise for shopping enthusiasts with its huge shopping centers and boutiques of all kinds. This destination promises you an unforgettable luxury stay rich in emotions.

Maui, island of the Hawaiian archipelago

Endowed with a dense and surprising vegetation, the island of Maui also called "the island of the valley", is the second largest island of the archipelago of Hawaii. It is very popular with vacationers for its paradisiacal beaches, lush nature and unmissable places of exploration. The island of Maui is home to the famous Haleakala volcano also nicknamed "the house of the sun". From the top, you can admire a magnificent sunset as well as a sublime panorama that awaits you! My luxury Travel, offers you the possibility of discovering the 3 islands of Hawaii at your own pace by self-drive. A handset that will make you discover a multitude of different landscapes.

Continent: Oceania Capital city : Honolulu Currency: American dollar Population: 1 442 949

Hawaii Combo Trip: Oahu to Maui

Tailor-made trip to Hawaii: From Oahu to Maui

Enjoy your trip to learn surf, visit Pearl Harbor, the lush vegetation of Maui via a custom-made 100% circuit!

Duration : 13 days / 11 nights From : 3 185 €

Tailor-made tour in Hawaii

Custom tour in the heart of Hawaii

From white sand beaches to volcanoes, this tailor-made tour will take you to the most fascinating corners of this archipelago.

Duration : 12 days / 11 nights From : 6 590 €

Hawaii 3 Combined Self Drive

Hawaii 3 Combined Self Drive

This 14-night tour offers you the discovery of 3 islands so that you can appreciate a multitude of different landscapes and leave with memories ...

Duration : 15 days / 14 nights From : 6 290 €

Traveling trip to San Francisco and Hawaii

Traveling trip to San Francisco and Hawaii

This combined San Francisco and Hawaii will delight lovers of nature and discovery trips and those who love the atmosphere of the cities of the Pacific coast.

Duration : 12 days / 10 nights From : 3 095 €

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