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USA - City Break

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A City Break in the USA

The United States, these are big spaces, but also unavoidable cities. Discover them as part of a custom trip or road trip.

Road trip to discover the big American cities

The United States being the third largest country in the world by its size after Russia et Chinathere are many ways to discover the immensities of this territory, the culture of this nation and the American way of life. A roadtrip from city to city is thus an original way to soak up the atmosphere of the USA and the life of world famous cities like New York, Boston or Miami.

New-York, the essential

Difficult to set foot on American soil without going to do at least one stopover in New York City during your road trip. Located on the Atlantic side, the "big apple" is the largest city in the country. Numerous monuments, buildings and remarkable places have made NYC famous, including the famous Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building and Central Park.

Miami, sunny stopover of your road trip

Synonymous with palm trees and surfing, Miami is a sunny stopover. Located on the Atlantic coast, in the state of Florida, the city is indeed known for its exceptional setting, its many nearby islands and its heavenly beaches like Miami Beach or South Beach.
However, this city should not be reduced to its only coastline. Miami has many points of interest such as the Everglades National Park and its marshes to be visited by airboat, the island of Key West at less than 150 km from Cuba or its many star villas.

Washington, the capital

If you have never visited Washington, do not forget to schedule a stopover in the capital of the United States during your custom trip or road trip. Indeed, the city is full of exceptional places, museums and memorials retracing the history of the country, including the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial and the White House.
Note that in winter, the city of Washington has a completely different face and spending a few days there for the end of the year celebrations is an original way to celebrate Christmas with the family.

Also discover our offers ofroad trip on the east coast USA.

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Tailor-made organized trip to New York and Mexico

Tailor-made organized trip to New York and Mexico

A New York - Mexico combo is the perfect balance between city and beach. Begin with Big Apple and its tours, before heading to a Mexican beach to bask in the sun.

Duration : 09 days / 07 nights From : 2 995 € / person

Combined New York - Los Angeles

Tailor-made trip to New York and Los Angeles

2 diametrically opposed cities. One representing the East Coast, and the other the West. Go now to live your American dream with this New York - Los Angeles handset which will present its 2 headliners. 

Duration : 9 days / 7 nights From : 2 195 €

The Baccarat Hotel New York

The Baccarat Hotel

In broad daylight, rainbows cascading, a spectrum of samples from a trillion facets.
At night, subdued glow and champagne flutes, spheres of fresh red-colored gemstones.         

Duration : 5 days / 3 nights From : 2 795 €

Combined New York Chicago

Tailor-made tour in New York and Chicago

How about going to the United States by visiting 2 of its biggest cities. Discover these 2 emblematic cities with our New York Chicago combo!

Duration : 9 days / 7 nights From : 1 695 €

Autotour in the Eastern United States

Autotour The major capitals of the East

Boston, New York and Washington, amazing cities, mixture of traditions and modernism that have shaped the fabulous history of the United States.

Duration : 10 days / 8 nights From : 2 050 €

A tailor-made circuit in Boston

A tailor-made circuit in Boston

Boston, a city of history on a human scale that can be discovered on foot through the alleys of Beacon Hill. A capital of the eastern United States not to be missed! 

Duration : 5 days / 3 nights From : 1 495 €

Customized tour in New York

Customized tour in New York

Make one of your dreams come true and discover New York. 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the city is already at your feet.

Duration : 5 days / 3 nights From : 1 395 €

Customized trip to New York and Miami

Customized trip to New York and Miami

A New York - Miami handset that will allow you to set off to put an image on the American dream. 2 significantly different cities, but with an undeniable charm.

Duration : 9 days / 7 nights From : 1 725 €

Your trip to New York for Christmas

A Christmas in New York

Discover such a special atmosphere, that of Christmas in New York. Take advantage of the month of December or even New Year's Eve to immerse yourself in this unique moment under the city lights.

Duration : 6 days / 5 nights From : 1 990 €

Tailor-made trip to New York – New Orleans

Your tailor-made trip to New York - New Orleans

2 cultures for 2 sensational cities. Let yourself be carried away to the rhythm of indefatigable New York and artistic New Orleans.

Duration : 9 days / 8 nights From : 1 595 €

Customized trip to New York and Washington

Customized trip to New York and Washington

8-day stay between two diametrically opposed cities. New York and its strong character, and beautiful Washington, city of museums, memorials ...

Duration : 8 days / 7 nights From : 1 795 €

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