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Your custom trip to Uganda

Enjoy a unique experience on your trip to Uganda, a country of safaris, unspoiled nature like the impenetrable forest of Bwindi and mountain gorillas.

Travel to Uganda, the pearl of Africa

Uganda is an East African country located unevenly on either side of the equator. It shares land borders with Kenya, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania.
Although it has no access to the ocean, most of its surface is located in the Nile basin which has its source in Lake Victoria, the largest body of fresh water on the continent.

In the lap of the British crown for a little less than a century, the country gained its independence in 1962. Today, the one Winston Churchill nicknamed the Pearl of Africa is one of the largest producers of cotton, tea, coffee and sugar cane.

Custom stay in Uganda with safari

Lovers of African nature, go on a tailor-made tour in Uganda to discover a wide variety of landscapes, from mountains to plains, via the jungle or desert areas. So many ecosystems that are home to remarkable fauna such as lions, elephants, chimpanzees and zebras.

Traveling in Uganda therefore offers lovers of safaris and other nature excursions a unique opportunity to be able to approach species, some of which are among the rarest such as the mountain gorilla. Most of the population, of which there are only a few hundred individuals, lives in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this national park on the edge of the Congo is probably one of the best viewing points for animal diversity in Africa.

Lake Kyaninga, Bigodi Swamp, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Batwa Pygmies, accompanied by an experienced local guide, a unique experience awaits you during your personalised stay in Uganda.

Continent: Africa Capital city : Kampala Currency: Ugandan Shilling (UGX) Population: 38 319 241

Tailor-made tour in Uganda

On the trail of gorillas and chimpanzees

In the heart of Central Africa, Uganda allows you to make magnificent safaris crossing sumptuous landscapes throughout your itinerary. In the footsteps of gorillas and chimpanzees, also stop to meet lions and elephants to ensure an extraordinary trip, up to your requirements!

Duration : 10 days / 08 nights From : 8 975 € / person

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