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South Korea

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Create your personalised tour to South Korea

A country in the Far East divided between modernity and traditions, South Korea is an authentic and fascinating destination that My Luxury Travel invites you to discover during a private tour.

Wonders to discover during a custom tour to South Korea

Located in Asia Southeast, South Korea is an original and rich destination. Many UNESCO World Heritage sites across the country allow you to immerse yourself in the traditions and history of this people renowned for their hospitality.
Among these wonders that can be found in any good personalised holidays in South Korea, the "brilliant fortress" of Hwaseong in Suwon, the Jongmyo Confucian sanctuary, the 42 royal tombs of the Joseon dynasty spread over several sites or the Cheonghakdong village where the inhabitants live in the strictest respect of Korean traditions.

But the “Land of the Morning Calm” also includes extraordinary landscapes such as the mountain ranges, the island of Jeju-do renowned for its climate or the beaches on the east coast of the peninsula.

Seoul, the must for your custom tour

Starting point for everything tailor-made circuit in South Korea, Seoul presents two faces, that of a capital that knows how to preserve its roots, and that of a new generation resolutely at the forefront of the latest technologies.
Thus, if the royal palaces of Seoul like the spectacular palace of Gyeongbokgung and its 500 buildings are part of the jewels of the capital, this megalopolis also lives day and night to the rhythm of the Korean electric pop, soju (spirits based on rice), saunas, tea houses, upscale restaurants and ultra-modern skyscrapers.

Personalised tour in Seoul or tailor made travel across the peninsula, for a honeymoon or a luxury family vacation, South Korea is a privileged destination with luxury accommodation.

Continent: Asia Capital city : Seoul Currency: Won (KRW) Population: 51 755 792

Seoul-Tokyo Custom Tour

Seoul-Tokyo Custom Tour

This Seoul Seoul handset is an ideal digest for a first discovery of the capital of South Korea and Japan. Live to the rhythm of these megalopolises that never sleep!

My Luxury Travel, specialist in tailor-made travel, offers you a combined trip to discover the treasures and must-sees of Japan. 

Duration : 09 days / 06 nights From : 3 195 €

Tailor-made trip to South Korea

Circuit privatif en Corée du Sud

This 12-day private tour will allow you to discover most of the country, ideal for a first trip!

Duration : 12 days / 9 nights From : 6 170 €

Customized tour in South Korea

Customized tour in South Korea

Take a week to discover this ultra developed country that has preserved its authenticity, its traditions and its ancient heritage.

Duration : 10 days / 07 nights From : 4 595 €

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