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Saint Martin Island is an ideal destination for vacation in the West Indies with magnificent white sand beaches, a Caribbean atmosphere, its clubs, casinos and beach bars and a dual identity, then the island is shared between the France to the north and the Netherlands south of the island. It is located 250 km north of the Guadeloupe.

Idyllic beaches

Its beaches will seduce you with their particularities: Long Bay is ideal if you are looking for a Safe Haven, if you are surf enthusiasts, Prune Bay is made for you! If, on the other hand, you want a beach in complete privacy, the Lovers beach is perfect for you and your partner, as it is only accessible for two people at a time. Happy bay, on the other hand, will give you an illusion of paradise with its palm trees, white sand and crystal clear waters. 

An ecotourism destination

Saint-Martin is one of the ecotourism destinations most popular in the world. You will be able to admire its nature reserve with a mask and a snorkel! Located in the North-East of the island, it is home to a marine protected area covering just over 3000 hectares. Sea turtles, giant dolphins as well as humpback whales found refuge there. Numerous ecosystems and coral reefs are also preserved there.  

Discover French and West Indian cuisine

The cuisine of Saint-Martin is a crossbreeding between French and West Indian cuisine. You can feast on products of the sea and the land : going from grilled lobster au boucanais chicken (smoked) with its spiced rice. Another aspect not to be missed about this island is guavaberry : a traditional liqueur which only the locals have the secret. 

The tourist attractions of the island of Saint Martin are numerous:

Its magnificent white sand beaches

Mullet Bay, Baie aux Prunes, Long Bay, Simpson Bay Lagoon, Orient Bay, Friar's Bay, Pinel Island, Cupecoy Beach, the list goes on.


Capital of the French side of the island, there is a local market, a marina, restaurants, Fort Louis built in 1789 and also the port to get by boat to Saint Barthélémy

Festive evenings

Maho Bay has restaurants, nightclubs, private clubs and bars. Grand Case offers a more local vibe with waterfront restaurants. A "Full moon" evening is organized once a month.

The high-end accommodation offer

The island has 4 * and 5 * hotels and luxury villas for rent.

The Dutch side for several reasons

Phillipsburg, the capital of the Dutch coast, is the port of call for cruise ships that stop on the island of Saint Martin. There is also a long sandy beach and many shops for tax-free purchases.

Continent: America Capital city : Marigot Currency: Euro (EUR) Population: 35 742



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Duration : 09 days / 07 nights From : 3 795 € / person

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