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Create your custom tour to Peru

Between the Amazon rainforest, Colca canyon and remains of Cusco, capital of the Inca Empire, a personalised trip in Peru is a unique opportunity to discover the treasures of this beautiful country of South America.

Peru, land of the Incas

The Republic of Peru is a country on the western side of South America. Border with Ecuador, Colombia, Brasil, Bolivia and Chile, it also has an important coastline facing the South Pacific Ocean.

The history of this country is closely linked to that of the Incas and the conquistadors who set foot on these lands at the very beginning of the XNUMXth century. Quickly, the crown of Spain sent troops there in order to subdue the Inca Empire then in the midst of civil war.

It was not until several bloodshed uprisings over the centuries and an insurrection led by Simón Bolívar and José de San Martín at the beginning of the 1821th century for Peru to gain its independence from Spain. It was declared in XNUMX.

Personalised travel to Peru

If the capital of Peru today is Lima, it was not always so. Located in the middle of the Andes Cordillera, Cusco was once that of the Inca Empire. If it was destroyed by the Spaniards, the surroundings are full of treasures testifying to the past. Among these, the Urubamba or Sacred Valley which brings together the main remarkable Peruvian sites including the ruins of Písac, Huchuy Qosqo and Yucay, two emperors' residences, the fortress of Ollantaytamboa or the majestic lost city of Machu Picchu nestled in the middle of lush greenery.

Make a stopover at Lake Titicaca, admire the falls of las Tres Hermanas, swim with the sea lions in Palomino, visit Cusco or the market of Pisac, savor the local gastronomy, discover the pre-Columbian art, create your custom tour in Peru as you wish.

Continent: Amerique du Sud Capital city : Lima Currency: Nuevo Sol (PEN) Population: 29 907 003

Tailor-made trip to Peru

The essentials of Peru in 12 nights

Going to Peru is no easy task, but an extraordinary journey. Discover the Inca culture, its history, as well as the must-see sites offered by the destination. 

With a trip between Lima, Arequipa, Colca, Lake Titicaca, or the Sacred Valley, it is an optimal summary for with a first, and beautiful idea, of Peru.

Duration : 14 days / 12 nights From : 3 990 € / person

Private tour - Your tailor-made tour in Peru

Your custom tour in Peru

Discover a private circuit combining discovery of Inca culture and unmissable sites in Peru. Passing through Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, the Andes train and others, this tour makes this classic tour a must-see Peru trip.

Duration : 14 days / 12 nights From : 6 420 € / person

Tailor-made tour in Peru: from the Inca Empire to the Amazon

Custom tour from the Inca Empire to the Amazon

A stay in Peru that will take you to discover its history and the Inca empire, before you fly to the Amazon part of Peru in contradiction with the landscapes explored at the start of your stay.

Duration : 16 days / 14 nights From : 8 290 € / person

Tailor-made tour in Peru – Machu Picchu

Tailor-made tour in Peru - Machu Picchu

Take a trek to Machu Picchu, which is the most beautiful Inca site in the world, along the trails of the Vilcabamba mountain range. A holiday full of adrenaline and thrills, helped by your private guide.


Duration : 14 days / 12 nights From : 9 100 € / person

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