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Your cultural and luxury trip to Jamaica

Jamaica is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea, both for its many beaches and for the richness of its culture, its music, its history.

Jamaica, beautiful Caribbean island

Jamaica is an island state located in the Caribbean between Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Colonized in turn by Spain with the arrival of Christopher Columbus and then by the English, this Caribbean island has been independent since 1962.

Jamaica is renowned the world over for its climate and its magnificent beaches, but also for its sugar cane plantations and for being the cradle of many cultural currents, especially musical ones. It is obviously the land of Bob Marley and reggae, but also raggamuffin or ska.

Your all inclusive stay in Jamaica

A luxury trip in Jamaica in an all-inclusive hotel is a unique opportunity to discover this Caribbean island. My Luxury Travel allows you to organize a holiday or a honeymoon in Bob Marley's country to discover some of the best-known wonders, but also more confidential ones.

Kingston, the capital, is obviously a must. Dynamic with its colorful markets and cultural events, the city has many places of interest, including the Bob Marley Museum or Trenchtown, the artists' quarter.
If you crave white sand and turquoise sea, go for example to Montego Bay where we find one of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean islands. This Jamaican city also has a vibrant nightlife.

For relaxation or nautical activities in a paradisiac setting, you can for example opt for Ochos Rios and its magnificent diving sites, Long Bayn for surfing or Negril for its tropical beach of Seven Miles Beach and its fabulous sunsets.

Finally, the heart of the island is mountainous and has a whole new face, between lush vegetation and abundant wildlife.

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Continent: North America Capital city : Kingston Currency: Jamaican Dollar (JMD) Population: 2 950 210

The South Coast Sandals 5 * for your luxury trip

South Coast Sandals 5 *

Unbiased in 3 villages, this resort is the perfect place to unwind, take long walks on the beach, relax in the various pools or lounging on the terrace of your overwater bungalow where the view of the Caribbean Sea at a loss from view, you will almost dizzy ...

Duration : 09 days / 07 nights From : 3 190 € / person

The St. James Montego Bay Secrets 5 * for a luxury tour to Jamaica

The Secrets St. James Montego Bay 5 *

Surrounded by the turquoise waters of Caribbeans, Secrets St. James Montego Bay luxury hotel offers quality accommodations in all-inclusive in Jamaica. The magnificent Montego Bay is the ideal place to spend luxury vacation in jamaica and discover the country of Bob Marley in all serenity.

Duration : 09 days / 07 nights From : 2 990 € / person

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