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Your cultural and luxury trip to Cuba

Cuba is an atypical destination, with a unique atmosphere, as timeless. Between its paradisiacal white sand beaches, the beautiful American in the heart of Havana, the colorful and musical atmosphere, a personalised tour in Cuba is an opportunity to live an exceptional moment.

Cuba, original trip to a corner of paradise

Located near Jamaica and the Bahamas, the Republic of Cuba is a Caribbean archipelago whose main islands are Cuba and Youth. Discover also our personalised trip in Jamaica.

These paradisiacal lands were colonized for a long time by Spain and then for a while by United States. Cut off from the rest of the world for decades during the Cold War, Cubans lived as though they were timeless, developing a culture far from the influence of the Old Continent and absolutely bewitching.

Suggestions for your custom tour in Cuba

Whether you want to travel to Cuba for a honeymoon or to soak up the Cuban atmosphere, your custom tour begins with Havana. The capital is indeed, not only the point of entry of this country, but an essential step. The largest city in the Caribbean has an architecture largely inherited from Spanish colonization. Many other cities have a similar colonial atmosphere, such as Cienfuegos and its Parque Marti triumphal arch.

Obviously, it is impossible to evoke Cuba without talking about the world-famous cigars or rum, the beautiful American cars registered in the country's heritage or even the famous Cuban music.

Finally, if you have a desire to heavenly beaches in the Caribbean Sea during your tailor-made tour, you will be spoiled for choice: Playa Ancon in Trinidad, Varaderon the prestigious seaside resort with a tropical climate, the white sands of Cayo Coco or even the postcard landscapes of Cayo Guillermo.

Continent: America Capital city : Havana Currency: Cuban Peso (CUP) Population: 11 253 151

Self drive in Cuba in 12 nights

Autotour in Cuba

With this stay in Cuba, discover the Cuban island and immerse yourself in the skin of a local. 

Duration : 13 days / 12 nights From : 3 290 €

The Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana 5 * for your luxury trip

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski Havana 5 *

The Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana, is the first 5 * luxury hotel in Cuba. It opened in June 2017, and will welcome you in a luxurious setting, in the heart of Havana. 

Duration : 05 nights From : 1 895 €

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