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Bhutan: An unknown destination for your tailor made holidays

Nestled at the foot of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a little unknown country, but especially a privileged and rare destination. Indeed, far from the mass tourism, My Luxury Travel proposes you a personalised trip to discover a country allowing visitors only drop-in, in order to preserve its treasures.

Bhutan, an atypical and upscale destination

Bhutan is an unknown country located at the foot of the Himalayas, between Tibet and India. Moreover, My Luxury Travel also offers tailor made holidays to India. This state, unique in many ways, has an area comparable to that of Switzerland. He voluntarily remained in autarky for most of the twentieth century, in order to preserve its culture, traditions and environment.
Moreover, the first tourists could not enter until 1974. The first airport, located in Paro, only opened in 1992. Television and internet have only been authorized since 1999.

The fact that the land of the Thunder Dragon has voluntarily cut the link with the outside world has effectively preserved its identity. Thus, unlike other Asian capitals like Beijing (China), Tokyo (Japan) or Kakarta (Indonesia), you will not find any skyscrapers, billboards, fast food restaurants in Thimphou.

Life there seems more peaceful, more pleasant. Claiming to be the land of Happiness, Bhutan has also established the National Brut Happiness (BNB) supposed to represent the degree of well-being of Bhutanese.

Create your prestige circuit in Bhutan

Today, entering Bhutan is not for everyone. In addition to tourism quotas (100 visitors per year only), this country requires that the stay be carefully organized.
Creators of personalised luxury trip and road trip, My Luxury Travel offers you not only to design your tailor-made tour in Bhutan, but also to make it an unforgettable moment: high-end accommodation, catering, visits to the most sumptuous monasteries and palaces, wildlife and ecotourism in Manas National Park, etc.

Continent: Asia Capital city : Thimphu Currency: Ngultrum (BTN) Population: 742 000

LODGES AMANKORA: A trip to the unique map in Bhutan


A real immersion in the heart of this mystical country thanks to these exclusive addresses of the Aman group. More than a trip, a real experience!

Duration : 15 days / 12 nights From : 15 500 €

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