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Road trip in Iceland

Aurora borealis, fjords carved in the ice, lunar landscapes, geysers and volcanoes, Iceland is an atypical land where nature is both beautiful and powerful. An extraordinary experience to enjoy on the occasion of a road trip in Iceland.

Iceland, nature in its raw state

Iceland is an island country located south of the Arctic Circle, between Greenland and Ireland. An atypical destination where omnipresent nature is both of incomparable beauty and incredible strength. The unleashing of the elements has given birth to some of Iceland's most impressive landscapes and curiosities, starting with volcanoes.

The Geological Wonders of Iceland

There are in fact more than two hundred craters on this small piece of land, and more than one hundred and thirty volcanoes still active. This activity results in impressive events such as the formation in the 1960s of Surtsey Island or geysers. Located in the Golden Circle, Strokkur and Geysir are arguably the most famous of Icelandic geysers.

Road trip in Iceland

A personalised road trip in Iceland This is an opportunity to discover the essential sites, but also those that are much more confidential.

Among the best known are the Golden Circle which includes the UNESCO-listed Þingvellir National Park, the magnificent Gullfoss Falls on the Hvítá River, the Geysir Geyser and the hot springs of the Haukadalur Valley.
Reykjavík, cosmopolitan capital, is also an essential step with its luxury hotels, its traditional houses and state-of-the-art buildings, museums and vibrant nightlife.

The natural and culinary diversity of Iceland

Much further north, the West Fjords will invite you to discover a wild and unspoiled nature, with unforgettable panoramas. The east, on the other hand, is the kingdom of glaciers and small fishing villages that seem years away from the hectic life of the capital.
Finally, do not miss to savor some delicacies of Icelandic gastronomy during your self-drive, such as the dried harðfiskur fish, the traditional kjötzupz or the hákarl made from pheasant shark fins.

Continent: Europe Capital city : Reykjavik Currency: Icelandic Krona (ISK) Population: 337 610

Self drive Iceland: East and West coasts 7 nights

Self drive Iceland: East and West coasts 7 nights

Specialists in tailor-made trips, our specialists offer you to discover the landscapes of the south and west coast of Iceland, from Reykjavik.

Duration : 08 days / 07 nights From : 2 790 € / person

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