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Your tailor made luxury trip to Switzerland

Fancy a weekend for two in a luxury hotel, a visit to the parks and sites listed as World Heritage by Unesco in Switzerland or to hit the slopes in upscale ski resorts on the other next to the Alps? MyLuxury Travel offers you a prestige and à la carte stay in Switzerland.

Unique stay in Switzerland

Switzerland, a European country without access to the sea, has a border with France, Germany, Austria and Italy. Its varied landscapes, between plains, hills, forests and barrier formed by the Alps, allow this country to shelter a rich biodiversity: day butterflies in the mountains, nesting birds including the famous black swifts in the forest or even rivers nearby. of Geneva rich in fish, to the delight of fishermen.

Switzerland is also a country of both Latin and Germanic traditions and customs due to its geographical location. Moreover, no less than 4 languages ​​are spoken there: German, French, Italian and Romansh.

Geneva and Zurich stand out globally as they have been elected cities where life is good. The latter is also known for its world-renowned business districts, as is Lucerne.

Finally, Switzerland is a must for gourmets, especially when it comes to cheese fondue, raclette and excellent chocolate.

Luxury and beauty of the landscapes

With My Luxury Travel, design your luxury trip in Switzerland !
Take a romantic stroll along Lake Geneva in Geneva in summer and winter, enjoy a stay a in luxury hotel with spa in Switzerland in Bern, the Helvetic capital, or hit the slopes on ski holidays in Megève, Gstaad or Saint Moritz.

For personalised travel in Lausanne, Zurich or Basel and even for the organization of seminars in the Swiss Alps in a majestic setting, let My Luxury Travel take care of everything.

Continent: Europe Capital city : Berne Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF) Population: 8 417 700

The Chedi Andermatt 5*: your luxury trip to the Swiss Alps

The Chedi hotel and Residences 5 * Switzerland

Combining Alpine and Asian influences, The Chedi Andermatt is an 5 * hotel in the heart of the Swiss Alps, ideal if you are looking for an authentic ski holiday.  

Duration : 2 days / 1 night From : 595 € the room

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