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Organise your custom tour in Namibia, Africa

Infinite landscapes, African wildlife, national parks, orange dunes of the Namib Desert, safari, going on a trip to Namibia is a unique experience that My Luxury Travel gives you the opportunity to live through a tailor made itinerary between the desert and the Atlantic Ocean.

Namibia, an exceptional destination

Namibia is a southern African country bordering in particular with Angola, Botswana andSouth Africa. Under the control of Portugal, then ofGermany and more recently from South Africa, Namibia has been an independent territory only since 1990.

The lands stretching as far as the eye can see are characterized by the presence of large almost lunar spaces including the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world. This coastal area is home to Welwitschia mirabilis, a unique plant capable of living up to 2500 years.

The Kalahari Desert which stretches across several African countries also covers a large part of Namibia.
The central part of this country is home to most of the cities including the capital Windhoek at 1 meters above sea level.

The northern region offers a completely different face, with abundant flora and fauna. It is made up of vast grassy plains more or less wooded, the wooded bushveld of the Okavango and the Caprivi Strip.

Safari, trekking, your custom tour in Namibia

Un tailor made travel in Namibia, it is above all to discover a grandiose and contrasting nature.
Among the countless remarkable places, the Epupa Falls of the Kunene River on the Angolan border, the highest dunes in the world in the Namib Desert, the Fish River Canyon or the skeleton coast (Skeleton Coast) that takes its name from the many boats stranded.

Finally, it is impossible to go to Namibia without evoking an astonishingly rich fauna and flora. One of the best ways to learn about African wild animals is to meet them on a safari in Etosha wildlife park, in Waterberg National Park or in one of the many other national parks.

Continent: Africa Capital city : Windhoek Currency: Namibian Dollar (NAD) Population: 2 212 307

Your tailor-made trip to Namibia

Your tailor-made trip to Namibia

This getaway in Namibian lands will make you discover breathtaking places. Safaris in the great animal sanctuary of Etosha, excursions in the Kalahari desert or Fish River Canyon ...

Duration : 11 days / 09 nights From : 8 400 € / person

Your first tailor-made tour in Namibia

First traveling trip to Namibia

This itinerary is just perfect for a first discovery of Namibia. Between savannah and desert, you will meet an exceptional fauna and flora through landscapes more beautiful than the others.

Duration : 11 days / 09 nights From : 8 700 € / person

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