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Your tailor made holidays in Malaysia

If you want to get a glimpse of Southeast Asia by visiting only one country in the region, it is undoubtedly Malaysia that you should go: white sand beaches, jungles, rice fields, shopping centers and more. skyscraper…

A country with many faces, Malaysia offers travelers many possibilities. Separated into two territories, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (the northern part of Borneo Island), the destination represents a great diversity, both in terms of its landscape and its population.

Malaysia, between jungle and buildings

Malaysia is located close to Ecuador and has a common border with Thailand to the north, the micro-state of Singapore to the south, Indonesia and Brunei on the Island of Borneo. Its humid climate allows it to enjoy lush vegetation and therefore a fairly large variety of landscapes. Explore the magnificent beaches of the islands of Langkawi or Penang, the rice fields of the hills of Cameron Highlands, discover an exceptional flora and fauna on the island of Borneo, walk the long avenues of hectic Kuala Lumpur. In short, each visitor will undoubtedly appreciate the many facets of this Asian gem.

The Orangutan Sanctuary of Sepilok

This rehabilitation center is the largest sanctuary of orangutans, also called "men of the forest", in the world. These monkeys live there in complete freedom and will come to meet you very naturally. In addition to accommodating these primates, the forest reserve with an area of ​​5 hectares, is home to more than 666 species of birds and a wide variety of wild plants.

A territory with multiple influences

Malaysia is also very different cultures.

Indeed, Indian and Chinese influences allow Malaysia to enjoy a fascinating cultural diversity. Whether in the architecture of cities, in gastronomy, music or other forms of art, this multiculturalism is felt throughout the country.

My Luxury Travel proposes you to discover, during a custom travel, this magnificent destination through the presence of our local French-speaking guides. Discover also the personalised holidays to Vietnam.

Continent: Asia Capital city : Kuala Lumpur Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) Population: 31 960 434

West Malaysia on a private tour - A living heritage

West Malaysia on a private tour - A living heritage

A lively region with an incredible heritage, West Malaysia on a private tour is the trip off the beaten track for you. Explore this fabulous destination with your guide-driver who will teach you about the culture and history of West Malaysia.

Your guide will leave nothing to chance, and between visits and discoveries, your free time will allow you to visit also on your own.

Duration : 12 days / 09 nights From : 3 995 € / person

Tailor-made tour in Borneo, Malaysia

Discover the best of Borneo on a tailor-made trip

For anyone who has ever dreamed of experiencing Borneo, this tour is perfect for discovering its must-sees. You will explore caves, forests, rivers, and of course all its fauna and flora. In short, you won't miss anything Borneo has to offer!

Duration : 14 days / 11 nights From : 4 295 € / person

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